🌟 Join the $SQD Community Raffle! 🌟

Welcome to the $SQD Community Raffle, where we’re all about growing together as a community! Unlike many other projects, we don’t rely solely on designated developers; instead, we’ve created an amazing community-driven initiative to take $SQD to new heights.

🎉 $SQD RAFFLE #1 🎉

Our inaugural raffle is here to kick off the excitement! By participating, you not only contribute to our community wallet for essential activities like listings and marketing but also stand a chance to win some fantastic prizes!



The lucky winner will receive:

  • 5000000 $SQD tokens
  • Valued at $500

Deadline for Entries: May 1, 2024 Winner Announcement: May 15, 2024


Entering the raffle is easy:

  1. Follow @ParagonSquared on Twitter to stay updated and connected.
  2. Send funds to the Community Wallet to purchase raffle tickets.

Here are the details:

  • 1 Ticket costs 0.02 BNB
  • Minimum entry: 0.02 BNB (1 ticket)
  • Maximum entry: 20 tickets per person

Existing contributions automatically count as entries, so you might already be in the running! Entry is open right now, so don’t miss out!

🌐SQD Community Wallet Address:


For more information and to enter the raffle bot, visit https://t.me/SQDRAFFLE_BOT

Let’s make this raffle a roaring success and continue building our vibrant $SQD community together! 💪

Remember, every ticket you buy not only increases your chances of winning but also supports our collective growth. Good luck to all participants! 🚀

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