New Listing: SQD

Dear customers,

We are pleased to announce that CroomsBit will add support for Squared Token (SQD).

Deposits, trading and withdrawals will open at 10.00 AM  (UTC) MAY 26 (Depsoit ) ( Trading )May 30th  2024.

Trading pair: SQD/USDT.

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📍The Squared Token project is creating a website designed to compete with Fiverr and eBay, wrapped into one secure platform, where sellers and buyers can carry less fees.

“We are creating a standalone crypto payment gateway to accept payments through our upcoming marketplace www.paragon-square.com. Ultimately it will be the first marketplace to combine goods & services all in the same place and offer dynamic and cost-effective crypto payment solutions. Our competitors charge 14.99- 20% fees compared to other service provider sites. We want to promote a healthy marketplace that is as safe and affordable as possible putting as much money into the sellers’ pockets as possible! The fees are as follows: 5-8% for fiat (0% if you are a VIP member), 1% for paying with BSC, USDT and MATIC for non-VIP users. There is zero commission for paying with SQD token, except for the gas fee, which is nominal. We are launching the marketplace and gateway shortly in April & May 2024,” the team stated.





🚀 Congratulations to the team and welcome to CroomsBit.com!

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