Voice of Listing Squared $SQD Now LIVE

Squared $SQD Now LIVE: Join the 23rd Project Voice of Listing and Win Exciting Prizes

Voice of Listing Squared $SQD Now LIVE

Squared Token ($SQD) enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts worldwide are thrilled to announce the commencement of the 23rd Project on ‘Voice of Listing.’ The project, which is now live, presents a unique opportunity for participants to engage in voting and stand a chance to win from a generous prize pool of 80,000,000 SQD tokens. The event is scheduled to end on April 9th, 18:00 UTC+8.



Participants can cast their votes by visiting the official voting portal at http://coinstore.com/#/vote/list. The voting process is straightforward and provides an opportunity for community members to actively contribute to the growth and development of Squared Token.

To guide participants through the voting process and address any queries, a comprehensive Voice of Listing Guide and FAQ has been made available. The guide can be accessed at https://coinstore-support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/15996273408921–Voice-of-Listing-Coinstore-Listing-Votes-Instruction

The ‘Voice of Listing’ initiative underscores Squared Token’s commitment to fostering community engagement and transparency within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By empowering users to participate in the listing process, Squared Token aims to create a more inclusive and collaborative environment for crypto enthusiasts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of Squared Token’s 23rd Project on ‘Voice of Listing’ and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Cast your votes today and join us in shaping the future of decentralized finance.


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About Squared Token:

📍The Squared Token project is creating a website designed to compete with Fiverr and eBay, wrapped into one secure platform, where sellers and buyers can carry less fees.

“We are creating a standalone crypto payment gateway to accept payments through our upcoming marketplace www.paragon-square.com. Ultimately it will be the first marketplace to combine goods & services all in the same place and offer dynamic and cost-effective crypto payment solutions. Our competitors charge 14.99- 20% fees compared to other service provider sites. We want to promote a healthy marketplace that is as safe and affordable as possible putting as much money into the sellers’ pockets as possible! The fees are as follows: 5-8% for fiat (0% if you are a VIP member), 1% for paying with BSC, USDT and MATIC for non-VIP users. There is zero commission for paying with SQD token, except for the gas fee, which is nominal. We are launching the marketplace and gateway shortly in April & May 2024,” the team stated.


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